Welcome to Kathmandu

Wow! Kathmandu really is an assault on the senses. Quite something after the long journey. A nice easy journey really. Jet Airways were great. Great films, great food (my vegetarianism began on the flight - fab dahl) and we both slept a few hours. Then a couple of hours wait in Dehli's new International terminal; inaugurated for the Commonwealth Games in 2010 I think. My first time in India started there, when it was a building site and I missed my connection to Goa. I have a lasting memory of young, thin, tired and sad looking women in beautiful bright saris carrying slabs of cement on their heads...

As we left the airport terminal at Kathmandu it was great to see "JO GALLAGHER" on a board. The guest house included a free airport pick-up you see. But then Duncan noticed that the guy was from a different guest house to the one we had booked! It turned out this was one I contacted way back who never wrote back to me to confirm. Oh dear... And the driver from the guest house that had confirmed was nowhere to be seen. Some waiting and phone calling ensued and eventually the driver appeared.

The drive into the city was quite something. Mental driving, mental traffic, mental bibbing, pollution, heat, colours and noise. Welcome to Kathmandu. Despite this Duncan still managed to nod off. He nods off on all types of transport. Buses, planes, trains, motorbikes, you name it. I have photo evidence but he won't let me post it.

Fast forward to today after a wonderful 12 hour sleep. We got to breakfast at 10.59 - a minute to spare and had a really good illy coffee. A home comfort we didn't quite expect. Then we chilled and had lunch in the garden of the hotel and headed out into Thamel en route to Durbar Square.

Jo chilling in the garden with Buddha
Words escape me to describe the amazing walk through the winding, temple strewn streets. Narrow, busy, pungent, adorned, worshiped, colourful, noisy, friendly, surprising. I think the pictures tell a much better story:

And tomorrow Bhutan. We'll be back in a week.

Lots of love everybody. Jo and Duncan. Xxx


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